Monday, May 17, 2010

In which country does tulip flower grows???

In the United States

In which country does tulip flower grows???
Canada. Holland. USA. Brazil are some.
Reply:I believe they originate in Holland but they grow in just about any country now.

Mostly in Holland, where the flowers are shipped worldwide.

But, to answer your question, you can grow any flower, anywhere, if you have the proper gear.
Reply:Originally Holland I believe, but they grow in the good ole USA as well.
Reply:Tulip (Tulipa) is a genus of about 100 species of flowering plants in the family Liliaceae. They are native to southern Europe, north Africa, and Asia from Anatolia and Iran (where the flower is suggested on the nation's flag) east to northeast China and Japan. The centre of diversity of the genus is in the Pamir and Hindu Kush mountains and the steppes of Kazakhstan.
Reply:The Netherlands...otherwise referred to as Holland.
Reply:Holland is famous for growing tulips, but they can grow pretty much anywhere with a similar climate.

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