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After tulip bulbs bloom and the flower is gone and you cut the roots to the bulb do you cut the foliage down?


After tulip bulbs bloom and the flower is gone and you cut the roots to the bulb do you cut the foliage down?
Once tulips blossom the flower will have a seed head and all the nutrients in the bulb will be spent to make the seed. In order to keep the bulb healthy and strong for next year you should cut off the seed head and compost it and leave the leaves on as long as you can. This way the leaves will produce energy to be sent back to the bulb for next year. After the leaves start to fade you can cut them down and let the bulb grow for another year. Most bulbs send out bulb lets under ground to produce more bulbs for the following years. As the leaves make energy for next year you could apply some super phosphate to the soil. Super phosphate and bone meal or bulb fertiliser are the same. If you use bone meal or bulb booster it will attract dogs and other carnivores to the area looking for food, and they will dig looking for a bone.
Reply:You want to leave the foliage standing for as long as you can....that is how it's getting it's nutrients to make beautiful blooms next year. You can cut back the stem that had the flower head on it...but I would leave the foliage standing.
Reply:if your tulips are in a forcing bowl with no dirt, just take them out and put them in a pot with dirt. do not water at all, except maybe once when you put them in the dirt.

After they go brown, the bulbs are "dormant" and can even be placed into a paper bag. then plant out in fall. iif you don't have cold enough winters, put the bag of bulbs in the fridge in fall for about 6 to 8 weeks (crisper drawer OK too)

If in the ground, cut off just the flowerhead (you can cut the stem down to where it meets the leaves for a better look) and then let them naturally turn. yellow is OK; as long as still not green. Brown is best. then cut to ground or leave 1"stubs so you know where they are.

If in a pot, cut off flower head when done blooming, then just tuck pot away and forget about it til fall. then replant in pot with fresh dirt, or plant in the ground.
Reply:You must leave the foilage on until it turns brown.Cut nothing off.It is from the leaves that the bulb gets its nutrition for the next season.They don't look that good in the garden.If you want you can dig up foilage and all and put somewhere else in the garden until the foilage is died off, then replant come the fall.I rubberband the foilage loosley so that it does not look so gross in the garden.

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