Friday, May 14, 2010

How long do tulip bulbs last? I never planted them last fall and still have them.?

Can I plant them this fall if they have been sitting in the bag (in garage) for one year?

How long do tulip bulbs last? I never planted them last fall and still have them.?
Possibly - but check and feel the firmness of the bulbs first. If they are too old they'll either be soft, or will have withered away inside the skin. They should feel firm, like an onion. If so, go ahead and plant them.

Good luck.
Reply:It can be done, but don't expect every tulip to flower to its full potential next year. I'll tell you a secret: drying out is what actually kills or damages most tulip bulbs, so it's essential that you get them into the ground as quickly as you can after purchasing them in the fall. And I will tell you another secret: a lot of people don't know that a newly planted tulip bed loves a good soaking. It's really the roots that you want to start developing in the fall. Tulip bulbs will not usually sprout leaves or flower buds until they have been put through a natural cooling period in the winter. That is the trigger that allows for leaf/stem/flower production. Good luck with your tulip plantings!
Reply:They last until the first frost and they are not perennials!
Reply:Yes. Tulips bulbs are very hardy. If they aren't dried out and crumbly you can plant them and they will grow.
Reply:If they are firm they should be okay. Chill them in the refrigerator fore six weeks if you are in a mild winter area.
Reply:It will depend on their condition, but don't expect each bulb to produce a perfect flower in the spring as they may need a season or two to recover. Discard any bulb that have gone soft or showing signs of disease.
Reply:Yes. I've done it before.
Reply:It's best to buy new ones. The old ones may to dried out to use successfully.
Reply:well something is eating them up, they should last a good while, get a strip of chicken wire and make a sort of basket to plant them in, stick it in the hole in the ground and put in half a doz bulbs then a hand full of bone meal. if its rodents that should cure it, oh top the basket with a hunk of wire before tossing the last of the dirt on them, if its some sort of bug, then you will know, but mark the area where the wire baskets are and in the fall dig one up and see what the bulbs look like, rolly polly bugs like to chew on them too, or ask your local garden shop for ideas.put the garage bulbs in the fridge now if they arent all rotted or something, and then plant in oct or so.

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