Thursday, November 12, 2009

How long does a tulip bloom last?

I'd like to know-- how long does a tulip's bloom last on average?

How long does a tulip bloom last?
This will depend on two factors: first, the type of climate where you live and two, how quickly the flower is pollinated. We live in Southern NM and some springs are very mild, the bees aren't too active and our tulips will last two or three weeks. During warmer springs or when the bees are very active, our blooms will only last a week, maybe week and a half.
Reply:for cut flowers, no more than 4-5 days(and that's if you bought them tight)

for the ones on the ground, they usually last a week or two.
Reply:A few days.....or sometimes a week or depends on if you talking about a cut flower or one that grows in the garden.

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