Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can I plant my tulip bulbs this spring instead of in the fall?

I bought some tulip bulbs at a huge discount last Nov. They've been sitting in my basement ever since. They look fine. Can I plant them now? Will they survive? Or if not, can I keep them in my basment for 8 more months? Thanks.

Can I plant my tulip bulbs this spring instead of in the fall?
I would plant them now. Fertilize and take care of like you normally would. They should put up foliage. This should allow them to store energy again for next years bloom. Also they should put out a lot of roots and get well established.
Reply:i bought potted tulips before easter and they died on me. my mom says the bulbs are still living. i'm going to plant them outside later on this year. but not sure when. i'd think like any plant they would prefer the warmer temps. i live in Michigan so it gets cold here. just now starting to warm up to 40s and 50s. but have them from me though. and my mom says just wait for theirs to come up.
Reply:yes u can plant them in the spring.i did %26amp; mine came up the next spring.
Reply:Plant them now...they will sprout leaves and may flower. they may have difficulty naturalizing, and you may not get much flower next spring. However, if you leave them in the basement until next fall they are likely to dry out or rot.

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